History & Heritage

The Mounfields have occupied White House and the current business site since 1928. Due to expansion, David’s grandfather, James Pratt Mounfield moved the business from a central village location, relocating from the building which is now the hairdressers.

However, it wasn’t David’s grandfather that founded the business.

Born in 1888, James Pratt Mounfield moved to Bubwith from Cheshire with his mother Annie, at around the turn of the 20th century. They came to live with Annie’s brother, Jabez Thomas Pratt, David’s great great uncle.

Mounfield Heritage

Jabez Thomas Pratt

Jabez Thomas Pratt

Originally from Darrington near Pontefract, Jabez Pratt’s family relocated to Bubwith within ten years of him being born in 1860. He grew into “one of the most popular men of the village,” and “was well known for many miles round as a cattle dealer and butcher,” as stated in his obituary. It is unclear as to why Annie Mounfield and her son left Cheshire, but Jabez took her in, and made an apprentice of James in the form of a butchers boy.

James Pratt Mounfield

Having never married nor having children of his own, upon Jabez’ death in 1914, the business passed straight to his nephew, James Pratt Mounfield. James ran the business for a matter of months before willingly signing up to fight in the Great War, thus having to close it down entirely from 1914 to 1918. Upon returning from the trenches, James had to start his business over from rock bottom, building it up piece by piece and gradually regaining a solid client base. 

One of the definitive features of the Mounfield business is that they’ve always slaughtered on their own premises. However, this was temporarily discontinued during the ration years of WWII, whereby James Pratt Mounfield and his son, James Alan – better known as Alan – made their money by slaughtering privately for local farmers. 

James Pratt

Alan Mounfield

Alan Mounfield

From leaving school and up until 1939, Alan worked alongside his father before leaving to join the RAF. In 1945 when he returned home, he immediately took over the family business. Originally named JP Mounfield and Son, Alan eventually rebranded to JA Mounfield and Son, to which, until very recently it has still been known. 

David & Anne Mounfield

After many years of success and further expansion, at the age of 65, Alan handed the business over to his son David, the current proprietor. Wanting to take the business forward in a new venture, David employed the help of his sister Anne, and together in 1987 they began making the pies that have since become famous across the county, winning countless prestigious awards, and are now recognised nationally as amongst the best in the country. 

Today, Anne, and her son James works alongside his uncle David in the shop and slaughterhouse, mirroring the actions of his great grandfather James Pratt in a perfect symmetry, which truly is what makes Mounfield Butchers quintessentially family run.

David and Anne Mounfield
James & Emma Mounfield

Emma & James Mounfield

Emma, the daughter of David, and James the son of Anne are bringing the business into its 5th generation. James has worked alongside David for the past 25 years, helping to expand the abattoir side of the business as well as being front of shop. Emma joined the business in 2020 after finishing college and having a year out working for an agricultural company. Emma is now expanding the business by opening an online shop which will deliver all across the country.

Rob (pictured centre) started with us 9 years ago in 2013 after he’d finished his education at Trinity Academy. Rob welcomes all our farmers bringing in livestock to slaughter, continuing our outstanding and professional reputation throughout the whole process. Rob is in charge of the private kill and cut up sector of the business, cutting all meat to the customers’ requirements.