Mounfield Butchers onsite abattoir

Our Abattoir

At Mounfields we are licenced to kill Cattle, Sheep, Pigs, Goats and Wild Boar. We kill for our own shop and for other butchers and farmers (private kills). We also butcher to individual requirements eg. boning out, preparing joints, chops, sausages, mince or bacon.

The beauty of having our own abattoir on site is that all our meat is sourced directly from local quality farms, this also enables local stockmen and farmers to bring their animals for slaughter at a small friendly high class family abattoir.

We maintain a very high standard of animal welfare resulting in low stress levels of all stock, again this ensures quality in our meat. Our slaughter men are fully qualified and highly experienced.

Rob (pictured centre) welcomes all of our farmers bringing in livestock to slaughter, continuing our outstanding and professional reputation throughout the whole process. Rob has been with us for 9 years, and is in charge of the private kill and cut up sector of the business, cutting all meat to the customers’ requirements.

Friendly staff will always be on hand upon your arrival to help you unload your stock and discuss any butchering requirements. Washing out facilities are available.

Downloadable forms are available below – if you have any queries on our abattoir services or require any further information please either call us on 01757 288339 or email us at


Mounfield Butchers onsite abattoir

Cattle must be under the age of 30 months and have a passport and 2 ear tags that correspond.

Food chain information must be filled in before slaughter. 


Mounfield Butchers onsite abattoir

Pigs must be brought on an electronic movement licence (eAML2)

To do this you can either call the eAML2 helpline on 0844 335 8400, or register online at and click register with eaml2 and follow instructions.

Pigs must also be identified with your defra herd number by either a metal printed ear tag or a slap mark which must be applied to each front shoulder. 

Defra herd number example YD1234