Locally sourced, high quality, meat, pies, and pastries.

Mounfield Meat, Confidently Eat.

Mounfield Butchers has been established since 1890 and is now thriving in its 5th generation as a family run business; a feat of which we are incredibly proud. Our team of butchers and bakers are creative, committed, skilled and passionate to our cause which is simply, “To be the best that we can be,” in producing high quality traditional yet innovative meat products and sweet pastries that our customers confidently return to purchase again and again.

High Animal Welfare

‘Field to Plate’ Traceability

Ethically & Locally Sourced

Environmentally Conscious

Our Mission

Our mission is simple, “In pursuit of excellence,” yet requires great skill and consistency in practice. However, due to the dedication, skill and passion of our hardworking teams within the butchery and bakery, (and the innovative development of recipes handed down through generations), we continue to provide our best Yorkshire pies and sweet products whilst sourcing the best local produce.

Our Vision

Our vision with the online shop is to provide quality produce and keeping it fresh by using environmentally-friendly reusable and recyclable packaging.

Mounfield Family

High Animal Welfare

Mounfield’s is unique and truly local, we slaughter on site in our own small abattoir (a rare commodity today of which we are extremely proud). We have incredibly high animal welfare standards and liaise with local farmers ensuring only the finest high-quality livestock pass into our food chain. We provide absolute traceability from field to plate and have complete trust and belief that our produce is simply the best it can be and, that we have kept our food mileage to an absolute minimum.

Information boards within our shop clearly state our local suppliers of high-quality pork, beef and chicken:
T A & P J Stephenson
E Swales
T Soanes & Son


Meet local beef farmer Ian Swales, who has been supplying Mounfield Butchers with beef for over 15 years.

Meet Ellie Stephenson of pig farmers TA & PJ Stephenson, who have been supplying us for 10 years.

Meet Neil Tattersall of sheep farmers F H Tattersall, the local farm that supplies our delicious lamb.


Ethically & Locally Sourced

All our meat is sourced ethically and locally – ensuring only the finest, high-quality livestock is chosen to enter our food chain – field to fork quality produce.


Our delivery packaging is 100% recyclable and environmentally-friendly. Orders are delivered in a double-walled cardboard and insulated padded box, as well as Aqua-Chill Coolants that keep your products at 0 – 8 degrees for upto 48 hours.